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Dark Spring- Beach House: 5

Pretty straightforward in structure, but I love the way the cloud of gritty distortion was worked in while still maintaining the dreamlike aura we’re used to from Beach House. Hoping they find a way to work this shoegaze sound into 7.

Sumo- Denzel Curry: 5

Denzel’s never been lazy with his vocal performances, but the unrelenting energy of this track and the way he rides the beat is so impressive and easily the best thing it has to offer.

Campfire- Amine, Injury Reserve: 4

Dream collab. Ritchie’s chemistry with Amine is undeniable, and Amine’s range in this track almost makes it feel like more than two people handling it. I wouldn’t complain if a Groggs verse was thrown in to tie it all together a little more and it could feel a little more complete, but overall the track sounds great and both performances are solid.

Anna Wintour- Azealia Banks: 4

This is everything Azealia’s been good at up to this point compiled into a track. It’s house influenced, there are a few switchups, and she kills her verses. I’m not entirely sure about the effect on her vocal in the start of the second verse, some days I think it’s a great touch and other days it feels messy and doesn’t sit right with me. Still generally positive on this one.

Nice for What- Drake: 4

I appreciate this track’s intention but the way that the lyrics were articulated didn’t necessarily blow me out of the water. Still, the Lauryn Hill sample was handled well and it’s one of Drake’s better singles as of recent.

watch out!- Rich Brian: 4

This makes me think I may have been a little too harsh on Amen. It’s a pretty straightforward beat which is typical for him, but reminds me of how much I appreciate his blunt bars/delivery and dry, monotonous vocal. His personality alone is enough to make him an interesting MC. This track pretty much reminded me of all these strengths.

OKRA- Tyler, The Creator: 3

This didn’t sit as well with me as I expected it to? The bass-centric production and piano riffs in the chorus aren’t leaving much of an impression on me or begging me to come back to it. There are some clever bars and he experiments with some different flows, but it doesn’t strike me as standout next to the rest of his material.

Like They Do On the TV- Kimbra: 2

Came across as really mild for Kimbra; the straightforward structure and lazy songwriting didn’t click with me as much as the other singles off of her upcoming album. That’s not to say it’s terrible; it’s smooth & pleasant enough to throw on in the background, but she’s capable of so much more.

Never Say Die- CHVRCHES: 2

Oh look another generic synthpop single with lyrics that lack substance and an annoying hook from the one and only CHVRCHES

Bad Company- A$AP Rocky: 1

This is pretty painful to subject yourself to. Tons of inexcusable bars on this track.

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