Woah surprise! I'm not just into music criticism, I also go to Pratt Institute for graphic design. Since I have such a heavy interest in music that my life essentially revolves around it, all these pieces are based on records that have affected my life heavily, visually representing their sonic qualities, themes, and general feeling that I take from the listening experience of each in the color palette of the album cover. 

On the right column is the album title & artist, descriptive words, and a set of lyrics that stick out to me.

I hope you enjoy, these are just the very beginning products of an ongoing series I'm hoping to develop further.

If you want to buy any of them or something, feel free to contact me here, email me, DM me on twitter/instagram, anything.


Boards of Canada


distressing, haunting, stomach churning

"When it is necessary

You can program yourself

And be able to dream the information you require"

Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished

Animal Collective


mystical, noisy, nocturnal, dissonant


From a hundred friends

Wave them on

As childhood ends"


DJ Shadow


mystifying, fluid, otherworldly, transcendent

"This is not a dream, not a dream

We are using your brain's electrical system as a reciever

We are unable to transmit your conscious neural interference

You are receiving this broadcast as a dream

We are transmitting from the year 1-9-9..."

Depression Cherry

Beach House


desire, agony, passion

"The first thing that I do before I get into your house

I'm gonna tear off all the petals

From the rose that's in your mouth"




cold, ethereal, tranquil, mellow

"Wasting your days

Chasing some girls alright

Chasing cocaine

Through the backrooms of the world all night"

pom pom

Ariel Pink


whimsical, outlandish, satirical, menacing 

"Therein the afterglow

Keep your eyes on the dream

In the theater of endless freefall"

Space is Only Noise

Nicolas Jaar


loose, abstract, sporadic

"Space is only noise if you can see

See I want to write a story about two long lines

Two pretty lines that fall in love

Two little spaces they're filled with echoes

Did the lines ever intersect one another, at a moment in time?"


Four Tet


sharp, glitchy, spacey, disorienting 


A.A.L. (Against All Logic)


elegant, polished, nocturnal, rhythmic

"Nobody in the world

Can make you (or break you)"

Streethawk: A Seduction



romantic, sophisticated, melodic 

"You've got the spirit

Don't lose the feeling"

Here's work that I did that's not based on music, but that I'd still be more than happy to sell or talk about:




Vespertine: Björk


freeing, lush, infatuation

"I will take the sun in my mouth

And leap into the ripe air
Alive with closed eyes"