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Hello! My name is Amy Goodall. With my paintings & reviews I hope to inspire you to experience music in whichever way(s) come most naturally to you & feel the most personally touching and to enhance the sensations they arouse in you. All of them have pretty much been a product of letting the colors in my brain run wild, doing whatever necessary to make this dreamworld in my subconscious tangible. This world is daunting and scary and we'll always need to express ourselves & share in the human experience & connect with others doing the same. I feel this is exactly what makes art & music so necessary to life. If you take only one thing from your experience with my work, please go support your favorite artists monetarily, especially support independent POC + LGBTQ+ artists & maybe, just maybe, spend real time unpacking a style of music or artist that's totally foreign to you - you might be surprised how much it can stimulate your mind & open your horizons to more. 

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